Tip/Secret 1 -

Avoid Working Directly with the Seller's Agent!

Many States don't even allow the same Agent to represent both the buyer and seller on the same transaction. California for some reason still does. There is a good reason to have your own agent!

Would you go to the other teams coach to help you win the game? Think about it....

SOLUTION: Get your own agent to look out for your interests. When you see a property that interests you, tell your agent so they can get the true details. Your agent can get information that will give you an advantage, negotiate the best possible terms for you, and or point out things you might not know about the home or neighborhood.

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 2 -

Don't try to do it all yourself!

Researching on your own is great, and the internet is a great resource, BUT.....

You will be making dozens of decisions, many long term decisions, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, about the most important thing of all, your families home and future! It just makes sense to have someone on your side who really knows how it works. An adviser who doesn't make decisions for you, but helps you make the best possible decisions based on what is important to you.

You need your own agent! But not just any agent. Real estate transactions have become much more complicated and time sensitive. Solo Agents just can't do it all effectively any more.

More and more Real Estate Agents have recognized that the best way to get great results for their buyers and sellers is to work as part of a a team. A modern real estate agent team can consist of Buyer Specialist, Seller Specialist, Transaction Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Client Support Specialists. All working to get you better results.

Bottom line, you need your own Agent, but the right Agent. An agent who is part of a team dedicated to help you have the best possible real estate outcome. Be selective when choosing your Agent, but be smart and get assistance.

SOLUTION: Don't be shy about finding an good agent to help out.

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 3 -

Make sure you are working with the right Agent!

Part Time Agent? Inexperienced Agent? Agent from out of the area or Agent that doesn't specialize exclusively in Santa Clarita? Solo Agent not part of a team?

The vast majority of Real Estate Agents complete 5 or less real estate transactions per year. You wouldn't let someone cut your hair with that little experience, not to mention handle the possibly most expensive transaction of your life.

Just as in any other profession, there are agents much better at getting you great results. Since you have the option, why not work with the best agent you can find. The agent you choose will make a huge difference, and likely effect you for years to come. Choose wisely!

SOLUTION: Work with an agent who is really qualified. Read their reviews and make sure they are full time, and work primarily in the area you are looking to buy or sell.

If your agent isn't part of a Team, this how they will be handling their clients and transactions. Funny to watch as long as you are not one of the plates.

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 4 -

Be Prepared to Act Quickly!

When opportunity knocks, are you ready? Great houses sell quickly, sometimes in just a few days, sometimes hours.

Do you have everything ready to give you the edge over the other buyers or will you just watch as a more prepared buyer gets the house because you weren't ready.

SOLUTION: Ask your agent for recommendations on reliable loan agents who can help you get your financing ready so you don't loose a great house.

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 5 -

Don't give up too soon!

Often it is tempting to just give up if unsuccessful in your 1st few tries. When it's a good time to buy, other buyers also come into the market, competing for the best homes. Don't give up!

If you have the right team working for you, you will get that great home. It's just fine if the other buyers get frustrated and quit. You need them out of the way. Just don't let that be you.

SOLUTION: Hang in there. Ask your agent if there are adjustments that can be made to your criteria that will open up more possibilities.

  How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 6 -

Make sure to learn to understand the current home buying process!

Don't assume the process is the same as last time you bought or sold a home. Last year, last decade, things change. Make sure you have the most current information so you can make the best choices.

SOLUTION: Sit down with your agent and have them thoroughly explain how the transaction process works now and what has changed since the last time you bought or sold a home. Knowledge is power!

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer

Tip/Secret 7 -

Your Agent can represent you to buy a 'For Sale by Owner'!

Reasons why some people try and sell their home "For Sale by Owner".

- They believe their homes value is higher than what agents tell them, and hope for a uninformed buyer.

- They want to save the agents fee, but want you to still pay top dollar.

- They may not want you to know something about the home or neighborhood.

While you and the seller are still bound by all the California Real Estate Laws, you might miss something SIGNIFICANT if you don't have your own agent watchng out for you. If you overlook anything, you could be facing a bad surprise down the line. Your dream home becomes a nightmare.

SOLUTION: Ask your agent to represent you on the For Sale By Owner purchase. Most sellers would love the professional help. The right agent can help you purchase a 'For Sale by Owner' property, representing you and protecting your interests.

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer


The Seller Pays your Agents Fee:

In most cases, the SELLER PAYS your agents fee. You get all the help you need, and its FREE for buyers.

Even when you have your own agent, representing only you, regardless of which company, the seller normally pays you agents fee. That's probably the best deal you will ever see. You get all the benefits, and for free!

It's like having a professional do your taxes, and the IRS paying for accountant instead of you.

SOLUTION: Now that you better understand how it works, it can be much easier to get that GREAT HOME!

 How you can be a Priority 1 Buyer