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Acton-Agua Dulce

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Located approximately 20 miles northeast of the San Fernando Valley and 47 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, Acton is an unincorporated area in southwest California. Action's population is about 7,600 people. Nearby, Agua Dulce is located about 44 miles north of LA. This town contains about 4,000 people. 

Acton-Agua Dulce, which translates to "sweet water" in Spanish, boasts open spaces, homes with acre-plus-sized lots, and ranch lifestyles. Kids in Acton-Agua Dulce attend schools in the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District which contains 4 public schools: 2 elementary, 1 middle, and 1 high school. 

Acton and Agua Dulce are well known for their popular filming locations. Various music videos, movies, films, and television commercials have been shot around Acton-Agua Dulce.