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Are short sales a better deal?  In many cases yes!   If you are looking to get a better price on a property, purchasing a short sale is often your best opportunity to get a below market price.  Successful short sale transactions usually sell 3% - 10% below what that same property would likely have sold if it were a standard seller or even a bank owned property.  

There is a reason for this:  Short sales are not without their negative aspects.  There is a reason the prices are below market.  1st, you will be purchasing the property in "As Is" condition.  Due to the financial hardship of the seller, there is likely deferred maintenance, items that may not work such as air conditioning systems, pool equipment, sprinkler systems and potentially many other items, large or small.  Also, there are costs of sale items that are traditionally paid by the seller that will need to be paid by the buyer, such as home protection plans, transfer fees, document preparation fees, etc, to name just a few.

Uncertainty and long timeframes:  Even a successful short sale transaction will take 3 1/2 to 6 months.  It will be at least a couple of months before the final price and terms are determined and there is a chance that after waiting all that time, the seller's bank(s) may insist on an unrealistic price or deny the short sale all together.  Unfortunately you would need to start all over looking for another property.   On a national average less than 40% of short sale transactions are successful.

The good news.  We are over 95% successful getting our short sale transactions approved and closed.  We have taken hundreds of hours in specialized training.  (Most Real Estate Agents have taken one or two 2 day crash courses.  We took those too and they are significantly inadequate).  We also average 3 hours per week of continuous short sale training to keep us current with the latest changes.  We have team members specifically tasked to stay on top of each file and lender to obtain the best possible outcome for each property.  When you work with us, and follow our guidelines, you have a very good chance of a successful outcome.

Short sales are not for every buyer.  When looking for the best possible home for you and your family, the right home is the only thing that matters.  After all, it will be a big part of your life for a long time.  We will help you explore all property types, Short Sales, Bank Owned Foreclosure, and traditional seller owner properties, to find the best home for you and your family and your future.

It really does make a difference who you select as yor agent.  If you agree, all you have to do is get in touch with us.